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Provided Services



Collateral Location
Autos to heavy duty trucks and construction equipment

Complete Background Search                                                                                                         verification of personal or corporate background data as provided

Full Asset Investigation
Bank, employment, stock ownership, safety deposit boxes, brokerage services, nationally and internationally

Judgment Recovery 
With our ability to uncover hidden assets you will be able to execute and recover monies due to you

Subject Location & Skip-tracing
This service utilizes state of the art technology that enables our firm to locate missing family members or long lost friend

Statewide Criminal Record Search
Provides felony & misdemeanor record of the subject. Must have name, date of birth, and state to be searched

Small Claims Document Preparation
We will prepare and file your documents in a timely manner making sure we keep you updated and aware on all court appearances

Service of Process   
We cover all of Southern California (view compensation for prices). All services of process is videoed and available on request

Field chase 
Includes pictures of property and or business, video of the entire visit, contact information left if no contact is made, if contact is made we will attempt to resolve the situation in a professional and businesslike manner

Infidelity and Cheating Spouses

All of our work is discreet and confidential


Workers Compensation Fraud, Child Custody, Theft or Loss Prevention


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