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Skip Trace/Locate Subject:

You provide subject's Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Cell number (if known). We will provide current address and telephone number (if known). If you do not have a Social Security Number for subject, one will be provided for an additional ($25.00) dollars.

Base Price $250.00

Full Asset Investigation:

Bank Account Nationwide* Brokerage Account* Bank Safe Deposit Box* Place of Employment Place of Business Corporate Information Real Property Motor Vehicle Water Craft Air Craft

**Please note that you will need to suppy Name and Social Secuirty Number for, Bank, Brokerage and Safe Deposit Box. We will supply all open bank accounts and other financial information Nationwide. This is a very thorough and comprehensive search and will take (5 to 7 )business days to complete. The fee for this search is not dependent upon the balances returned. Once the search hs been requested it cannot be cancelled without the approiate fee. Please make note that these searches rely on an aaccurate Social Security Number. If incorrect Social Security Number is supplied, the Bank Search Schedule with apply.

Base Price $1750.00

Nationwide Bank Search:

Nationwide Business Bank Search

Base Price $595.00

Base price $695.00

No Hit Fee $225.00

No Hit Fee $225.00

Statewide Bank Account Search:

Statewide Business Bank Search

Base price $275.00

Base price $595.00

No Hit Fee $50.00

No Hit Fee $200.00

Locate Collateral:

(For Auto, SUV, and Medium Duty Trucks)
Rate Values depending on the difficulty (additonal fees may apply)

Base Price $350.00

Locate Collateral:

(For RV's and Recreational trailers)

Rate Values depending on the difficulty (additional fees may apply)

Base Price

Locate Collateral:

*For Semi Trucks & Heavy Equipment
Rate Values depending on the difficulty (additional fees may apply)

Base Price  $1,250.00

Locate Collateral (180 days or more):

($350.00) base plus (10)% of the value of the collateral (there will be no additional fees)      


TRM Investigations and Recovery Inc.'s objective is to find the location of the collateral. TRM is not a reposession company nor do we provide any legal services. If the collateral is located and is in a secured location ( garage or behind a gate) or has been taken out of the country, TRM has accomplished it's assignment and will provide a complete and comprehensive report along with any pictures of the collateral to the client and will consider the assignment closed and will bill tihe appropriate amount due.                                                          

Base Price


Workers Compensation Fraud

(3) hour minimum

 Hourly Rate: $75.00

Infidelity and Cheating Spouses Hourly Rate: $75.00+ Mileage

Field Chase:

Includes pictures and video of property or business visit
contact or attempted contact with subject
Will leave contact information if no contact is made
If contact is made will attempt to resolve situation

Base Price $75.00

Statewide Criminal Record Search:

Provides felony & misdemeanor record of the subject


Background Investigations:


Small claims document preparation & fliling fees:

Filing a claim for $1,500.00 or less (BUSINESS/INDIVIDUAL)
Filing a claim for $1,500.00 to $5,000.00 (BUSINESS/INDIVIDUAL)
Filing a claim from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 (INDIVIDUAL)


Service of process fees:

Los Angeles and Orange Counties
East San Bernardino County, East Riverside County, and West Ventura County
The rest of California



Writ of Execution:

Wage Garnishment
Bank Levy
Abstract of Judgment (prices vary per county)